Unique Landscape Lighting

What is the best way to find truly unique landscape lighting? Skip the trip to Lowes or Home Depot and look online for great ideas to dress up your landscaping in unique ways.

One of the biggest ways to make your landscaping stand out is to make good use of lighting. When property owners think about landscaping, thoughts of gardens or tress are likely the first that come to mind. The lighting systems that are employed, however, are an integral part of creating a beautiful unique look in landscaping.

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Highlight Outdoor Landscaping With Lighting Fixtures

In addition to being used to draw attention to specific locations at night after the sun sets, lighting fixtures can also serve as decorative accents when they are not lit. The ways gas lanterns can be displayed to highlight outdoor landscaping include:

  • Illumination for path or entryway lighting
  • By mounting them on walls above flower beds
  • By placing them on a garden post or near bodies of water
  • By hanging lanterns from permanent structures

Try Copper Gas Lanterns for Unique Landscape Lights

There are many low voltage lighting options for outdoor landscaping – but one of the best ways to create unique landscape lighting is by using high quality copper gas lanterns in your yard. Many homeowners opt for the finish of natural copper gas lanterns as they are designed to offer an antique look with a warm natural tone.

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Why Choose Gas Lamps for a Unique Look:

♦ Gas lanterns are made with copper metals and are particularly well suited for landscape lighting, as copper ages very well in the outdoors.

♦ The selection of styles and efficient power / fuel options make it easy for lanterns to be placed wherever they are needed. With outdoor landscape lighting, homeowners can draw attention to attractive features of their properties and create interesting public and private spaces. Low wattage bulbs make a perfect addition to electric power lanterns.

♦ Natural lighting accents natural outdoor elements. Rather than using electric lighting, homeowners can choose gas lanterns with natural flames that can reflect off of surfaces like glass patio doors, ponds, pools and lawns. The size of the flame can be controlled with ease, so that it does not overshadow the landscaping the lighting is meant to accent.

♦ Choose from traditional antique styles or more modern or contemporary styles of lanterns

Great ideas to feature lanterns for a unique look:

Only your imagination will limit where you can place a gas or electric lantern in order to achieve that unique look you are after. Among the most striking places that your lamp can be viewed include:

♦ The entryway to the home – front and rear entrances are natural locations for gas lanterns and can create a warm and inviting look with soft light.

♦ Path lighting – few things are more stunning than a series of lanterns lining a walkway from the driveway to the house is also a popular option. While there are many low voltage lighting option at mega stores, the antique look of handmade lanterns is hard to beat.

♦ Near ponds – These not only offer enough lighting that attractive outdoor landscaping can be seen in the evening hours, but the fixtures themselves can also serve as accents during the daytime.

♦ Post mounted in gardens – lanterns can be mounted on a wooden post or on a natural type of column such as brick or stone. Natural stones and aged copper add great interest to a garden, deck or patio environment.

Flexibility to Create Truly Unique Patio Lighting

Homeowners looking for patio lighting that can stand up to relatively severe environmental conditions should consider copper gas lanterns before opting for more standard low voltage lighting powered by electricity. Available in a number of architectural designs, gas lanterns have been used for centuries and continue to be defining design elements in parts of New Orleans’ French Quarter and historic Boston.

And while most lighting fixtures available today are produced in bulk, some skilled craftsmen continue to make copper gas lanterns by hand using the same techniques that have been used since colonial times. These time-tested methods ensure that the lanterns stand up to the elements and can provide patio and landscape lighting for decades to come.

At Flambeaux Lighting, our customers will find a full range of copper lanterns that can be used for patio lighting as well as indoor lighting. If you don’t find the style you’re looking for in our online catalog, email us info@flambeauxlighting.com or call us at 866-799-8443 and we can work with you to craft what you have in mind.

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