Flambeaux Lighting –
Building Authentic, New Orleans Style Gas Lanterns

We are not just another online lantern dealer – selling lights that other people build. We build our own gas lanterns by hand, in our shop, with craftsmen who have years of experience creating these copper works of art.

As native residents of New Orleans we understand the look and feel of our historic city. We use this experience to design and build the finest New Orleans style gas lanterns you will find anywhere. Our designs reflect the broad diversity of this region as well as the many influences of the people that live here. You see these styles in the many different types of lanterns we build from scratch in our workshop.

As a manufacturer we are continually adding new styles of lanterns as well as building custom lanterns for our clients and friends who have something special in mind. The style and type of lantern we can build is limited only by your imagination so please contact us if you have something unique in mind – we can build it.