Choosing A Finish For Your Flambeaux Lantern

Choosing a gas lantern, electric lantern, or any of our handcrafted decor products comes with options. From gas flame or electric power options to manual or electronic control; wall-mount, post, or hanging configurations; and even various types of glass — you’ve got lots of choices!

After choosing the style and design of the your Flambeaux lantern, there’s one more fun decision you get to make. What type of finish would you like?

Your Lantern Finish Options 

We offer 3 standard copper oxidation finish options with all of our lantern, lamp, chandelier, and other decor products. The bulk of our products are also available in a custom stainless steel option. Choosing a finish really depends on your style preference for your home or business as well as how you’d like to see the fixture age overtime.

When making a selection, it’s also a good idea to consider the climate in your environment and how it might contribute to a faster or slower oxidation aging process of your lighting fixture.

Standard Copper Oxidation Finish Options

Flambeaux Standard Aged Copper Finish 

Our standard copper oxidation finish is a great choice if you prefer the antiqued tawny or russet-colored look of the classic New Orleans French Quarter lanterns. This finish also develops an attractive patina overtime through a natural oxidation process. You can choose to leave the patina as-is or polish your fixture occasionally to buff it back to its original aged copper sheen.

Raw Copper, Non-Oxidized Finish 

Our raw copper finish is ideal if you’re going after a cleaner, shinier look in a fixture to frame your doorway, patio features or perhaps to create a focal point in your dining room. This non-oxidized finish plays up the shinier sheen of pure copper. Expect your lantern or lamp to appear brighter and with the hue of warm amber. For maintenance, you’ll need to polish it occasionally to maintain this look. 

Dark Copper Oxidized Finish 

Looking for a bolder classic look for your interior or exterior space? Lanterns finished with our dark copper oxidation coat feature a deeper oil-rubbed bronze look that appears black-brown in various environments. As with the Standard Aged Copper Finish, you’ll need to polish your fixture occasionally to maintain its sheen.

Stainless Steel Finish 

Do you prefer the more modern and clean look of stainless steel? The bulk of our lanterns and lamp options can be customized with a stainless steel finish.

Stainless Steel Finish 

Along with creating a modern, sleek look in your space – stainless steel is often more corrosion-resistant and durable in humid environments over traditional copper finishes.

Take a Peek at How Copper Ages Overtime 

Lots of our clients love the antiqued and weathered look their copper lanterns and light fixtures develop overtime. With all of our copper oxidation finishes, you can expect the natural patina aging process to take place. This process actually protects and preserves the copper and adds to its durability through the years.

Here’s a useful chart showing the weathering process of copper at various times:

Keep in mind that you have control over the amount of weathering and oxidation your lantern or lamp undergoes. Occasional polishing can help you maintain the aged look you’re going for.

Need Help Choosing the Right Finish? 

Wondering which lamp or lantern finish would provide the best “look” for your home or business and work well in terms of maintenance in your environment? We’d love to help you! Contact us anytime and tell us more about your space and style. We can recommend ideal Flambeaux lighting products and even build a custom (and affordable) solution that meets your needs!