Gas Lamps and Lanterns

Gas Lamps and Lanterns

Are you struggling to find just the right outdoor lighting fixture that will work as general use lighting for your home’s exterior but also give you that extra touch of class? If traditional electric lights with light bulbs don’t provide what you are looking for, it may be time to consider a gas lamp for your outdoor lighting fixtures. These elegant lighting options come in a variety of unique styles and there are many homeowners in the United States who are choosing them for their homes’ outdoor lighting.

Gas lamps can be used in a number of outdoor venues in the United States to provide both decoration and gas lighting. Whether you are purchasing gas lanterns for a home, restaurant, or resort, gas lamps can provide exterior lighting that evokes quiet class, times that have gone by, and a touch of the historic 19th century New Orleans style French Quarter lamplighters of days past or the Baltimore gas streetlights. In our product line, we also offer gas chandeliers for indoor décor.

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Great features copper gas lights offer:

  • Complete control over the size of the natural gas flame. Unlike with electric lighting, with gas lamps, you can simply turn the knob to raise or lower the size of the flame. This ensures that your gas lamps provide enough light without getting out of hand and that you can have the desired level of lighting and glow from your outdoor wall mount or otherwise mounted light fixtures.
  • Safety features. Many gas lamps also have safety controls built-in (such as electronic igniters) that allow operators to shut off the flow of fuel quickly in the event that the flame goes out. This makes lighting gas lamps safe, even through power outages.
  • Great style and design choices. While some people choose to use large propane or natural gas for outdoor seating areas, those that want to add an elegant touch to their operations may opt for copper gas lamps designed and built by skilled coppersmiths instead. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes as well as bracket or wall sconce options to achieve the exact look you need. We offer a fully online gallery of our products on our website.

Using Gas Lanterns at Home

Gas Lamps and Lanterns

Residential property owners may choose to accent their homes with gas lamps. These wall mount outdoor lighting fixtures can be affixed alongside doors to illuminate entryways. They can also be placed on posts and located along pathways to replicate the look of gas streetlights, using either mounted lantern options or hanging gas lanterns.

Another popular place where gas lanterns can be used to provide outdoor lighting is on patios and decks. The soft glow and flickering flames from outdoor lanterns can set the tone while entertaining guests in the evenings or having intimate romantic dinners outside. Whether a natural gas light or propane, you can enhance your home’s beauty with our copper lamps.

Using Gas Lamps at Your Business

Business owners may also opt to use a gas lamp on their building’s facade to give their customers a little more “ambiance.” Among the types of companies that may make use of gas lamps inspired by the Flambeaux French Quarter Lantern are:

  • Restaurants with decks or outdoor seating areas
  • Hotels and resorts with a poolside area or elegant outdoor bar
  • Social venues that are often rented for outdoor gatherings, such as weddings or garden parties

In addition to using lamps that are fueled by natural gas, businesses may also consider electric lights. These options allow businesses and residential property owners alike to position the lanterns in whatever attractive and creative ways best suit their spaces and are especially useful for indoor applications.

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Strategically Locate Gas Lamps and Lanterns

One of the key decisions that you will need to make when planning your interior or exterior lighting is where to place your gas lamps. To create a feeling of intimacy, you may choose to place small lamps on tabletops. For flexibility in outdoor lighting up different parts of your properties, you can hang lanterns from moveable posts. If the outdoor area is covered, hanging copper gas lamps are another option.

Gas Lamps and Lanterns

In addition to the variety of shapes and glass panes that are used, gas lights and lanterns offer a range of mounting options. They can be mounted on vertical surfaces beside doorways or along walls. They can also be mounted on posts with signs or by mailboxes. You can also find gas lanterns mounted atop stone columns, such as those you might find alongside the entrance to a driveway.

Add variety to your home décor with a classic gas lamp

Whether you pick wall-mounted or post-mounted gas lamps, you can also choose models that use different types of fuel. While many are designed to be connected to gas lines, some lanterns are designed to use natural gas or propane.

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Copper Lanterns

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At Flambeaux Lighting, we offer a large selection of handmade copper lanterns for indoor and outdoor use that have been inspired by designs found throughout the New Orleans French Quarter. If you’re local, we’d love to meet with you face to face. You can visit our showroom, located in Metairie, Louisiana just north of New Orleans to see our products for yourself.

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