Gas Lanterns

Ageless Appeal, Perfect Addition

There is something special about the look of a gas lantern. They create a different feeling than a standard streetlight or lamp; historic yet timeless, beautiful but subtle, something about the way a gas lantern casts its glow sets it apart from everything else. If you have considered adding gas lanterns to your home or business, you are in good company: the demand for these incredible fixtures has been steadily increasing for years.

Gas Lanterns Provide Unmatched Style

That something special about the look of a gas lantern can be seen when a propane or gas fueled lantern casts its light on a room or outdoor area. The classic lines and historic traditions of gas lanterns make them a distinct yet tasteful addition to any home, and with Flambeaux Lighting’s handmade designs, you can choose a size and design that reflect your unique personal style while complimenting the architecture of your home.

The aged appearance and distinctly hand-wrought details set the gas lanterns created by Flambeaux Lighting’s craftsmen apart from store-bought or mass produced lighting fixtures. The skill and personalized production guarantee that any gas lantern you choose will be a beautiful and elegant touch.

Timeless Charm

Handcrafted from classic materials, copper and glass, gas lanterns look as great today as they did when they were the most modern lighting available. A gas lantern gives a historical and timeless charm to any modern home or business.

Copper gas lanterns have an authentic aged appearance because they are an authentic recreation of one of the oldest means of lighting cities and homes. The Williamsburg style and the Jamestowne style are crafted to look just like the lanterns that lit the streets in the towns of colonial America, giving modern Americans the ability to recreate and enjoy that look and feel.

Truly Unique Lighting

Not only are gas lanterns beautiful, historical, and classic; they provide the opportunity to express your personal style and create different effects. Whether you choose to power your gas lanterns with propane, gas, or electricity, you can create the perfect ambiance to suit your preference.

A gas lantern is the perfect addition for your home; no matter which style or size you choose, a custom-made, hand-crafted gas lantern from Flambeaux Lighting is certain to be a completely unique way to satisfy your lighting needs. We have a range of styles in addition to those described here available; however, if none of those are exactly what you had in mind, give us a call and we will create a one-of-a-kind design to match your vision.

Article Written by Andre’ Savoie