Natural Gas Lights

A gas light in New Orleans is not just a source of illumination; it’s also an iconic staple. The flickering flames from gas lights can bring some French Quarter flair and ambiance to your home — especially with help from Flambeaux Lighting.

While many are connected to gas lines, some gas lights are designed to use natural gas or propane. You’ll have many options available – including bracket, mount, or post styles — so customize them however you like best.

Why Choose Natural Gas Lights?

  • They are dependable: Natural gas lights are a durable and dependable option for outdoor lighting that will not go out with a power outage. They don’t need an electrical wire, so they can provide functional light even when there is no electricity available.
  • They require less maintenance: Gas lights do not demand the interval changing of light bulbs as far as maintenance. You can also have complete control over the gas flame, with knobs to lower the flame. Another benefit is that insects are not drawn to gas lighting in the same way as electric lighting.
  • They provide a warm ambiance to your space: The soft, warm glow of gas lighting is more romantic and intimate than the harshness found in light bulbs. The flames provide an organic ambiance that appeals to those looking for a cozy aesthetic while also being less distracting with their glare or shade from unkind angles.
  • They can be customized to your liking: While some people choose to use large propane or natural gas for outdoor seating areas, those that want to add an elegant touch to their operations may opt for copper gas lamps designed and built by our skilled coppersmiths instead.

Outdoor Gas Lights

Natural gas lighting has been around for ages, and it gives the perfect lighting to any home or business. Our outdoor gas lights are easy on the eyes, lighting your outdoor space to provide it with an old-time feel.

Our outdoor gas lighting and landscape lighting options are both functional and beautiful. These gas lights illuminate like a 60-watt electric bulb and lend a more natural glow to your yard or patio.

Outdoor gas lights bring distinction, beauty, and warmth to your home. They create an elegant environment with its luxurious atmosphere while also providing safety from power outages by staying lit when it is needed most. They can be placed in a lot of places, such as on posts, and located along pathways to replicate the look of gas streetlights, using either mounted lantern options or hanging gas lanterns.

Indoor Gas Lights

Natural gas lights are a popular choice as home decor, as they are clean-burning and highly efficient. They are also low-maintenance and easily adjustable for your home’s walls and spaces.

If you want more illumination with your lights, we have options. To achieve the exact look you need, you can pick from different shapes and sizes and bracket or wall sconce options.

You can choose post-mount, pier mount, or single or double wall mounts with our gas lights. For an exquisite touch, consider one of our chandelier gaslights.

Natural Gas Lamps

Nothing beats a natural gas lamp when you want to add a cozy feel or rustic appeal to your home or business. Gas lamps can add a natural ambiance to your space, whether through indoor or outdoor use.

The benefits of gas lamps include aesthetics, as gas lamps can provide a unique and attractive look for your home. Another benefit of gas lamps is energy efficiency. Gas lamps can do much to cut down on your energy usage, using only a tiny amount of gas themselves to operate.

You might want to consider switching to gas lamps for your outdoor lighting or adding them inside your home as an accent lighting option. Either way, homeowners and business owners are adding variety to their aesthetics.

Make A Statement With Our Gas Lights

Flambeaux Lighting carries the look of the French Quarter to our homes and businesses.

At Flambeaux Lighting, you can take a piece of the French Quarter home with you simply by ordering the iconic copper lighting fixture that brings you back to the romance of years gone past. Or wander through the shop, imagining what the French Quarter would be like without the beautiful gas street lamps.

Browse our complete catalog of copper gas lighting and electric lights and find your favorites. We also have other top-quality copper items like chandeliers, pendants, mailboxes, and more.

If you’re looking for a customized look, we’d love to help! Contact us or give us a call at 1-866-799-8443.