What To Look For In A Gas Lantern

Homeowners and professional landscapers who are decorating the exteriors of properties may consider adding gas lanterns throughout the spaces they are designing. Like electrical lights, gas lanterns can be installed on the side of buildings. Homeowners, for instance, may choose to install matching copper lanterns on opposite sides of sliding glass doors to illuminate a deck or patio. Landscapers and homeowners, however, are not restricted to mounting gas lanterns on exterior walls.

Other Styles of Gas Lanterns to Light the Outdoors

In addition to fixtures on wall mounts, another popular type of lantern is the hanging style. Gas lantern styles, like the England Street and Flambeaux French Quarter hanging yoke models, can be suspended from a ceiling or whatever serves as the roof over a covered outdoor area.

Hanging outdoor gas lanterns add sophistication, ambiance, and a local New Orleans flavor to your outdoor lighting that you could not duplicate with other fixtures, such as LED lanterns. Also, you will never have to worry about changing light bulbs, since you will produce light using propane, butane, or natural gas. The amount of lumens is usually the same, as well, if not better.

Those who prefer the appearance of hanging gas lanterns can find a number of styles that compromise between wall-mounted and hanging fixtures. The Flambeaux French Quarter Lantern and Carriage House, our premier model that was designed as an homage to the city of New Orleans, can be hung from brackets that are wall mounted. These gas lanterns are actually reminiscent of the types that dotted the French Quarter for centuries!

For added flexibility in positioning their lighting fixtures, customers may opt for post-mount gas lanterns. These types of lanterns can be positioned along walkways, in gardens, or near ponds as outdoor lighting for areas that would otherwise be dark at night and where wall mounts or flush mounts would not work. The spider mount adds a contemporary look to the otherwise traditional appearance of the copper fixtures when they are mounted on posts.

And, since gas lanterns work so well lighting the outdoors, they also make impeccable sources of light for camping trips. As such, the next time you plan a backpacking excursion, you should bring along a gas lantern instead of an electric lantern or any other electric light that runs on batteries. A smaller Coleman lantern can easily fit in a carry case and can be packed along with your canteen and food canisters. A deluxe gas lamp will also burn all night, keeping you feeling secure in your surroundings and safe from predators.

At Flambeaux Lighting, we produce each of the copper gas lanterns in our collection by hand, ensuring superior craftsmanship to those typically made from stainless steel, and a gently aged appearance that adds an air of authenticity to our gas lighting. Our staff can be reached by email or phone at 866-799-8443 with any inquiries our customers have, so give us a call or checkout our website to learn more about our products and craftsmanship.