Outdoor Light Fixtures – Gas Lanterns

Outdoor light fixtures such as gas lanterns are both an artistic as well as a practical accent for any home. The quaint dancing light of and outdoor gas lanterns provide an elegant and historic feel to any home. The copper materials provide a classic, handmade finish to the lighting fixture while at the same time serving as a durable cover for a practical outdoor fixture.

Practical Applications for Gas Lanterns

Our outdoor light fixtures are hand-made from authentic copper materials and offer the highest degree of durability you can find in an copper gas lantern. These high quality materials ensure your outdoor lantern will last for years to come without the rusting and cracking often seen in lesser quality lanterns.

Another major benefit of copper gas lanterns is their flexibility in outdoor wall lighting. Because of their many shapes, sizes and lighting options they can be used in a number of outdoor lighting applications including:

  • Entryway to a home or building
  • Patio or courtyards
  • Pools or other outdoor structures
  • Walkways or driveways

Artistic Touch to Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Few things set a home apart as much as a hand crafted gas outdoor lantern. Because our outdoor lighting fixtures are hand-made of the finest quality materials the authentic look combined with the beauty of natural light is sure to impress any guests. These lanterns remind us of the early 1900s when culture was all about style and class.

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of gas outdoor lanterns is their gentle, flickering flames. These lights give off a natural light which simply cannot be duplicated by electric bulbs and make perfect accent lighting for many different settings.

Buy Outdoor Light Fixtures Today

If you are ready to own your own piece of artwork that you can use on a daily basis you have come to the right place. Please look through out catalog of outdoor light fixtures such as gas lanterns to find the look that fits your needs. Or if you can’t find what you are looking for call us – we’ll build something just for you! Your outdoor gas lantern experts at Flambeaux Lighting are eager to help you find that perfect accent for your home.