New Orleans-Style Gas & Electric Lanterns

From Flambeaux Lighting

Are you ready to add a classic piece of New Orleans to your home or business? Nothing makes a statement quite like a classic, New Orleans-style gas or electric lantern.

You’ve seen them hanging on famous buildings throughout the French Quarter. You’ve seen them serving as posts on many New Orleans street corners. And you’ve seen them on many homes throughout the New Orleans area from the heart of the city to the suburbs.

And if you look around, you’ve probably seen them outside of New Orleans – at the beach, in cities and other places where people want to add a bit of elegance to their home or business by adding the old-world feel of copper lanterns. Sometimes these lanterns feature a beautiful flickering flame. Other times you’ll see energy-efficient, low-wattage light bulbs. The choice is yours.

Why Own a Piece of New Orleans?

Culture, music, food, commerce, and history: New Orleans has a lot to offer residents and tourists. What could be a better souvenir from a trip to the Big Easy than a New Orleans-style gas lantern?

A New Orleans-style gas lantern brings a little bit of the New Orleans culture and beauty to your home, regardless of its proximity to the great port city.

Bring our rich southeastern Louisiana beauty to your home or business with our gas lanterns. With Flambeaux Lighting, you can have a piece of the French Quarter and Royal Street decorating inside or outside your home.

Traditional Style

The New Orleans-style gas lanterns look very similar to the original gas lanterns used in the eighteenth and nineteenth-century street lamps and the lanterns used to light homes. Simple in structure, these four-sided glass enclosures topped with an angled copper roof and handle both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Like the originals, the modern New Orleans-style lanterns can be hung or mounted based on your preferences. Additionally, they come in a variety of sizes.

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New Orleans Gas Lanterns: Choose Your Favorite Options

  • Light an entrance: Gas lanterns – whether they are on a wall mount, flush mount, or just hanging — are an attractive and unique alternative to traditional light bulb fixtures outside your homes’ doorway.
  • Illuminate the path: Using post-mount gas lanterns, you can make it easier for cars entering your driveway or people walking along a path to see where they are going without adversely affecting the overall appearance of your home and property.
  • Complete the look of a room: For indoor uses, a gas lantern provides a way to sufficiently light a room without taking away from the old-world charm of antiques or more rustic styles.

More options for New Orleans style gas lanterns

Because of their copper finish, durable construction, and mounting options, New Orleans-style gas lanterns are easy to find a place for. Almost any wall space will do as you can use these lanterns either indoors or outdoors.

These are some of the most popular reasons:

  1. Low voltage electric power allows for indoor or outdoor use. While a lot of people use either natural gas or propane for their lamps, you can now have your New Orleans lantern fitted with an electrical power source for safe, low voltage use either indoors or outdoors. Low-wattage electric light bulbs used with a dimmer switch will make these lights look truly spectacular when placed indoors.
  2. Outdoor Entrance Lighting: While it is common to place a gas lamp or lantern near the entryway of a building, another option owners have is to line exterior walls with attractive fixtures that enhance the decor. Our gas lanterns make the perfect outdoor lanterns as well.
  3. Accent your antiques: Homeowners and businesses with some antique design elements may be the perfect backdrop for New Orleans gas copper lanterns. Whether they prefer the look of a low flickering flame or the ease of using an electrical fixture, they can select copper lamps and lanterns that match their homes and buildings.

Handcrafted by New Orleans Craftsmen in the USA

We incorporate the rich traditions and history of New Orleans to craft our lanterns. We have been creating hand-crafted gas and electric lanterns since 2004. Our craftsmen are well-trained in the art of building copper gas lanterns from scratch, individually for your home.

A Piece of New Orleans You Will Enjoy for Years

There are limitless options when it comes to incorporating your new gas lanterns (or even our electric lanterns) into your home’s interior or exterior. If you need more help or suggestions, please contact us at Flambeaux Lighting.