How To Select Copper Lighting

Residential and commercial property owners can use exterior lighting to create immediate impact and establish the character of their properties, whether they choose copper lanterns and wrought iron lamps or minimalist solar-powered fixtures. One consideration that property owners may have when choosing a style of lighting is the source of energy. Most lamps and lanterns can be connected to electrical systems, but some are powered by liquid propane or gas. Another factor they may need to consider is where the lighting will be installed. Floor-standing lamps and lanterns may be convenient for large areas while those installed on exterior walls may be perfect for more intimate environments.

Choose Copper Lighting Fixtures That Match the Property’s Architectural Style

On top of the practical concerns, the aesthetics are extremely important when choosing lighting fixtures. While minimalists may prefer the most modern styles in lighting fixtures, those who prefer an antique style may opt for copper lamps and lanterns. These handmade lighting fixtures are inspired by those that are found throughout the Flambeaux French Quarter Lantern and can conjure images of fascinating times of yesterday. Hand-riveted models are designed to last for years. Unlike with copper lighting fixtures that have soldered joints, there is no risk that the joined copper pieces will separate due to the heat generated inside the lantern.

At Flambeaux Lighting, we offer our customers a large selection of handmade exterior copper lanterns based on styles from the Flambeaux French Quarter Lantern. Learn more about the styles available and the quality construction that goes into each piece. Our representatives can be reached by email or by phone at 866-799-8443.