How To Select Copper Lighting

Copper lighting comes in so many forms and styles, and it provides you with a wide variety of functions. There are copper lanterns for the outdoors (and even the indoors), and indoor floor lamps or wall sconces or pendant lights, chandeliers, track lighting, and other ceiling lights.

But, if you are enamored with the look of copper light fixtures and their durability and functionality, you may be considering any of the copper lighting discussed above and not know where to begin. So, for homeowners, the best place to start is to consider which copper lighting fixture will serve a practical place in your home and life right now. Then you can move on to aesthetics and other reasons to narrow down your choices afterward.

1. Current Needs

The copper lighting that you start with should be what you need the most at the moment. If you are immediately looking to illuminate your porch and driveway, perhaps you can try a copper gas lantern first, or if you need some lighting fixtures in you kitchen, you can start with copper pendant lights over your kitchen island, breakfast nook, or dinner table. Once you introduce that copper look into and around your home, you will probably want to build on that gorgeous ambiance, such as choosing a copper light fixture/ceiling fan. But, it is best to start in one area and assess whether or not you enjoy the facade of copper lighting before you continue to redo the light fixtures inside, along with the outdoor lighting of your home to match.

2. Task-Oriented Assistance

When choosing copper lighting, next take into consideration whether or not you truly need the light to help your see where you are walking or to assist you in a particular task.

For example, outdoor lights that are needed to light your backyard deck will need to be just as functional as ambient. Kitchen lighting that is needed for cooking should allow you to clearly read recipes and chop vegetables safely. Lights that adorn your home office should provide you with enough illumination to read, write, and work, as needed.

Pendant lights with open or translucent bottoms and stronger bulbs are tempting, but you should really keep your wattage to a minimum to prevent glare and so you will not feel as though you are under a spotlight. If you need severe lighting to work, try installing a dimmer so you can adjust your copper lighting when it is time to relax.

3. Feelings of Ambiance

The next criteria that you should look at when narrowing down your choices for copper lighting is ambiance. You will want to choose the type of atmosphere that you enjoy in your yard or inside your home. Where general lighting can brighten an entire room, porch, or patio, there are also copper light fixtures that add just the right amount of light to an area. This touch of light usually targets one spot within a room and it adds to the home decor and overall mood of the place.

Sometimes, you can brighten an entire space by incorporating multiple fixtures, such as pendants or a track light inside, or several hanging lanterns or lamp posts outdoors. Fixtures with multiple bulbs work well, too. However, if subtle light is what you are looking for, it is best to settle for one pendant or hanging lamp with a medium wattage bulb. After all, softer light is best in areas where you are simply watching television or mingling with loved ones after work.

4. Highlights and Accents

Do you need your chosen copper lighting to accent any one thing in a given room? Accent lighting is a special feature of design that highlights a particular wall or a lovely piece of art, such as a sculpture or a painting.

If you are looking for accent lighting, you should look for a copper picture wall lights  on flush mounts rather than a pendant light. However, pendants do wash just enough light on a marble countertop or wooden table, if necessary. So, they are best when used to highlight a beautiful material that has distinct tones and textures. They can even bring out the shine in furniture crafted from polished metals and flecked stone.

5. Decorative Accessories

Maybe you are choosing your antique copper lighting fixtures based on how well they will accessorize and beatify you home, inside and out. As an interior design favorite, a beautiful solid copper light or an antique copper lantern can invigorate a residence or business just by being a dazzling feature in itself, or due to the sparkle, light, and shadow it produces, or maybe all of the above.

A dainty statement light such as a pendant light can be chosen due to its sheer ability to dress up a living room. They can glow gently and softly without casting any significant light, whether for chores or atmosphere. There are even copper indoor lights that work quite well with high ceilings by casting unique shadows above. They are specifically designed to enchant you once they catch your eyes.

6. Copper Lights That Are Good at Everything

How about choosing copper finish lights that work well in any situation? Many of our lovely copper lighting fixtures easily fit in much more than one category. A copper light can be breathtaking and decorative while still providing downward lighting in a manner that is functional. The same fixture could even be dimmed to give your room ambient illumination and create a more romantic feeling.

Just think, if you know exactly what you need your copper light for in advance, you can choose one that covers all your bases. At Flambeaux Lighting, we have a wide selection of solid copper light fixtures that do just that. Come by our showroom or peruse our online catalog for new products and old favorites. Of course, if you have any questions, send us an email or give us a call at  866-799-8443 anytime during business hours.