Find Unique Landscape Lights

Homeowners and businesses can differentiate their properties from the surrounding grounds with artfully selected landscape lights. When property owners think about landscaping, thoughts of gardens or tress are likely the first that come to mind. The lighting that is employed, however, is an integral part of the exterior design. In addition to being used to draw attention to specific locations after the sun sets, the lighting fixtures that are installed can also serve as accents when they are not lit.

Use Copper Gas Lanterns for Landscape Lights

Copper gas lanterns offer an antique look with a warm tone. Rather than using electric lamps, decorators can choose copper gas lanterns with flames that can reflect off of surfaces like glass patio doors, ponds and pools. The size of the flame can be controlled with ease, so that it does not overshadow the landscaping the lighting is meant to accent. Copper gas lanterns are particularly well suited for landscape lighting, as many styles can be fueled by liquid propane or electricity and placed wherever they are needed. With the versatility offered by lanterns, similar design elements can tie together patio decor with accents placed along pathways and throughout gardens.

With the selection of copper lanterns available at Flambeaux Lighting, homeowners looking for landscape lighting have abundant choices. We can also work with our customers to design lamps that suit their particular needs. For more information about our products, customers can email us at any time or call us at 866-799-8443.