Copper Lanterns

Our homes are usually our biggest assets, so it’s only natural that we want them to look great both day and night. While you may have a lush garden in your front yard to draw eyes to your home during the daylight hours, just because it’s dark outside in the evening doesn’t mean that your home can’t have some massive curb appeal! Copper lanterns for exterior lighting are a great way to add a special something to the outside of your home or business, whether that be a restaurant, hotel, or other commercial or public property.

As a matter of fact, as an alternative to traditional exterior electrical lighting, many homeowners and businesses in the USA are installing hanging, wall mount or post mount copper lanterns for gas or electric use. Handmade copper lanterns are available from expert craftsmen and coppersmiths throughout the USA like our very own New Orleans-based team. These lanterns are available in a number of intriguing styles, including electric lanterns, gas lanterns, and liquid propane lanterns.

Copper Lanterns

While many of the unique designs we offer our customers are also offered with electrical wiring, hanging or wall mount copper gas lanterns along with liquid propane lanterns provide a romantic radiance that cannot be replicated by anything else. These beautiful lighting fixtures add to the ambiance of an indoor or outdoor space with the warm glow they produce. And because of the flame, a distinctive patina develops on the copper exterior making it all the more special for being authentic.

The Many Uses for Copper Gas Lanterns in the USA

Copper Lanterns

Our most popular copper lanterns are those that have been inspired by the Flambeaux French Quarter Lantern. This type of copper lantern, based on the ones you’d find in the historic New Orleans French Quarter district, typically features a natural gas flame for unique outdoor lighting. Models are available in flush mount, wall mount, or post mount styles, depending on your preference and installation needs. On all of our models, property owners can control the size of the gas lantern candle flames, so that they do not grow too large or flicker too softly.

In addition to being appropriate for homeowners who want to illuminate their patios, front porches, and walkways, copper lanterns are great choices for hotels in the USA that want flattering outdoor lighting on the decks surrounding their pools and eating areas with romantic outdoor dining areas. Restaurants who want to create a special ambiance for their outdoor seating locations are also installing our custom designs.

Copper lanterns provide a unique ambiance by:

  1. Providing Decorative Outdoor Lighting: Generally speaking copper lanterns used as outdoor lighting will help make any building exterior more welcoming and aesthetically appealing. While it is common to place a lamp or lantern near the entryway of a building, another option homeowners and businesses have is to line exterior walls with attractive wall mount light fixtures that enhance the building’s decor and illuminate it with a soft glow.
  2. Creating a unique look with multiple hanging lanterns: Rather than relying on a single outdoor lighting fixture, a decorator can make a statement by opting for a series of wall lamps or hanging lanterns. When there are multiple light fixtures, the light emitted from a single lamp or lantern does not have to be as bright. Instead, softer lighting in each individual lantern can be used, which many people find more visually appealing and authentic.
  3. Accenting your antiques: Homes and businesses whose buildings have some antique design elements may be the perfect backdrop for outdoor copper lanterns. These can be fueled by gas, liquid propane or electricity, giving owners complete control over the amount of light they produce. Whether they prefer the look of a low flickering flame or the ease of using an electrical fixture, home and business owners can select from our wide variety of copper lamps and lanterns that match their buildings and their own unique sense of style or business brand.

Styles of Copper Lanterns Designed by Flambeaux Lighting

Whether customers are selecting lighting fixtures for residential, commercial, or public properties, they will find many copper lighting designs they can use to accentuate the surrounding landscaping. Among the styles to consider are:

Copper Lanterns

Whatever your preferred look, our coppersmiths work diligently to provide you with the best possible outdoor wall lighting to accentuate your home decor or business style.

Copper Lanterns

The large selection of handmade copper lantern styles with tinted or clear glass that are available on our website provides customers with the ability to make their exterior lighting look as though it’s custom-designed. At Flambeaux Lighting, we provide residential and commercial customers alike with a collection of copper lanterns to add both lighting and style to their properties.

See Our Copper Gas Lanterns in our New Orleans Showroom

While you can view all our products on our website and in our online gallery, you can also view our copper lanterns in person at our New Orleans area showroom. Located just north of New Orleans in Metairie, Louisiana, we welcome you to visit us if you are nearby to see our products in person and meet our customer service representatives face to face.

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