Choosing Patio Lanterns

Restaurants and hotels can benefit tremendously from patio lanterns and lamps that match the architectural styles of their buildings and enhance their beauty. Gas lanterns may be perfect for buildings that have been inspired by European designs. In addition to traditional European designs, there are also lanterns that are based on styles that can be found in New Orleans’ French Quarter. Patio lanterns can also be used to add the perfect accent to private residences, both to welcome guests and to create a romantic or sophisticated atmosphere.

Types of Lanterns for Decorating Outdoor Patios

From the exterior wall of a building, lanterns can typically illuminate part of an outdoor patio. To light larger patios, they can be placed on posts or hung from columns. The lighting from patio lanterns can reflect off water in ponds or pools. Matching lanterns can even be hung other places on the property, from the entrance to the driveway to the exterior of an unattached garage. While they can be connected to electrical systems just like other lamps, they can also be powered by gas or liquid propane for a more authentically old-world feel

We at Flambeaux Lighting handcraft copper lanterns for our customers, based on designs that can still be seen throughout New Orleans. We can configure our lanterns to be fueled by electricity, gas or propane, so customers can use them virtually anywhere. Customers can call 866-799-8443 or email us with any questions they have about the different models we offer or to talk about custom projects