Choosing Patio Lanterns

The rich ambiance that is created from the romantic patina of patio lanterns with a weathered copper finish and glass panels gives your backyard an 18th century feel that is so comforting in this sometimes all-too-modern world. They don’t even require light bulbs, so they have a great advantage over even an outdoor pendant light. Such a light fixture, like a small wall lantern, also gives your front door entryway a sophisticated outdoor lighting design that provides passersby with a throwback look to our city’s very own French Quarter, around the time that it came to be formed.

This is especially true of our outdoor hanging gas lanterns, and each copper outdoor wall lantern, which embody the feeling of what was actually available at that time. After all, the outdoor lighting style was based upon what the French settlers brought over from the old country, and in that area, both items with a copper finish and natural gas lighting were seen pretty much everywhere. As a matter of fact, natural gas lanterns were mandated in France, to light each intersection, starting in 1594, centuries before any electric bulb type was invented.

A Lantern Makes an Interesting Outdoor Lighting Fixture

Such unique outdoor lighting is still much more than a simple back porch light fixture. Many restaurant’s, boutique’s, and hotel lobby’s entryways feature dimmable gas lanterns as outdoor wall lighting to romanticize their facades and provide them with an old world atmosphere. This style lantern is quintessential New Orleans, and you can see such antique copper outdoor lighting adorning posts or columns, or set on a wall mount, of both commercial properties and residences.

Private homes display their New Orleans French Quarter pride by hanging many a matte copper outdoor light fixture along front walks, around pools, and by garages and carports. They are an essential piece of the area’s culture, and, as such, should be appreciated, since you are unlikely to find these solid copper outdoor wonders, in such volume, anywhere else. Interestingly enough, many homeowners are shocked to learn that they can purchase a similar solid copper lighting fixture that connects easily to electrical systems like any other light fixture, as a transitional style lantern, if that is their preference, though the self-lighting dimmable, natural gas models are just as easy to use, and they are much more authentic.

We at Flambeaux Lighting design and create aged copper outdoor gas lanterns that give any business or home decor an official New Orleans feel and look. Each outdoor wall light fixture is designed to be secured to a flush mount, and every antique copper outdoor hanging light is made with an appropriate hanging hook. Choose between natural gas, propane, or electricity, and we will design your copper outdoor patio lanterns to your specifications.

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