Antique-Look Copper Gas Lanterns

Antique copper gas lanterns can be used for general outdoor lighting, especially when homeowners want to enhance the ambience of an outdoor space. I n addition to being used outside, some antique copper gas lanterns can also be used indoors, provided that they are clean burning. For instance, they can be placed on or near desktops to provide soft lighting while working or reading into the late hours. They can also be placed throughout the interior of a home to add an element of charm to the property and make it stand out from other homes in the area.

Styles of Antique Look Copper Gas Lanterns

Whether homeowners and business owners prefer traditional designs or modern styles that were inspired by the past, they can find a large selection of antique look copper gas lanterns that are beautifully crafted. Styles like the Lafitte and Lakeview can be used in either of these design schemes while other designs of copper gas lanterns, like the modern and Kensington, are more old fashioned and better suited to traditional decorating motifs. Many of today’s styles of antique look copper gas lanterns draw their inspiration from New Orleans, where flambeaux are carried in Mardi Gras parades.

Residential and commercial property owners who want to bring a little of the flavor of New Orleans to their buildings will find many copper gas lantern designs at Flambeaux Lighting. To inquire about specific styles that we craft by hand, email our representatives or call us at 866-799-8443.