Ways To Secure Hanging Lanterns

Hanging lanterns can be used both indoors and outdoors for warm and charming illumination. A common place for hanging lanterns is in entryways, where they offer an alternative to lighting fixtures that are mounted on the walls. Outdoors, they can be placed underneath porticos, so that they can be spotted by visitors who are driving by and provide light for guests who are waiting for the door to be answered. Other styles of hanging lanterns can also be placed inside homes and businesses that have large foyers. In homes that have two-story foyers, the fixtures can be suspended from the top of the ceiling and offer a soft glow to light up the entrance to the residence.

Styles of Hanging Lanterns

Those who want to bring a French influence into their homes may consider, which is perfect for placing in a dining area or at the entrance to a home. This Flambeaux French Quarter Lantern can be mounted on a post, hung from a ceiling, or mounted on a wall yoke. Customers can also add a “ladder rack” to this design. One factor that customers may need to consider when choosing a hanging lantern is the fuel source. While some can use propane or gas as a fuel, other models like the French do not work with these fuels and require electricity.

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