Signs Of Quality Copper Lights

Copper lights are available in a myriad of designs that can add a delightfully warm touch to any home or business. In many environments, the style may be a better fit than other metal lighting fixtures, such as stainless steel or iron. In addition to their unique design elements, including trapezoidal glass panels and elegant brackets like the gooseneck and mustache, they can also be illuminated in a number of ways. While some are wired, copper lanterns can also use fuel, such as gas or liquid propane. These copper lanterns can light exterior areas in much the same way that properties in the French Quarter are lit.

Mounting Copper Lights

Beyond the source of fuel that the copper light uses and the design elements of the lantern, models also differ in how they are displayed. Some styles are mounted on walls, which is ideal for illuminating entryways and small patios. Hanging copper lanterns can provide more flexibility than wall-mounted models, however. For example, restaurants and bars with covered outdoor areas can hang copper lights from the overhead coverings. There are also many styles that can be mounted on posts and positioned wherever owners deem it appropriate. Outdoor gardens and venues with pools can take advantage of these models to illuminate the entire space at night in an elegant fashion.

Inspired by the designs of lanterns found throughout the French Quarter, we at Flambeaux Lighting offer a menagerie of handmade copper lights. Customers interested in learning about the advantages offered by our expert craftsmanship can reach our representatives by email or call us at 866-799-8443.