As leaders of quality and innovation in the industry of custom lighting, Flambeaux is excited to announce that we are now offering an exclusive line of handmade chandeliers and sconces. We have selected locally made chandeliers and sconces that are made to order. They are hand forged and hand hammered of the highest quality steel, and then finished individually, by a local artist. These fixtures have been specially curated to compliment all types of architecture and design styles. They come in an array of finish options to make each of these unique and special pieces perfect for the spaces that they will adorn.

Lighting is the most important detail in any space, and decorative lighting is especially important. It highlights architectural details, defines spaces, creates focal points, and when done correctly, it tells people how to use a particular space. Here at Flambeaux, we KNOW lighting, and because we are so committed to making sure the scale and styles are correct, we are happy to offer a free scale and design service. Our design team has more than 17 years’ experience in lighting design. Let us look at plans or photos of your space, and we can walk you through the best options. Flambeaux is here for all of your decorative lighting needs.