Patio Lamps That Look Like Flambeaux French Quarter Lanterns

With patio lamps, homeowners can spend their time outdoors into the late evening hours. In addition to relaxing outdoors during the warmer months, homeowners may use their patios for entertaining guests or serving meals outside. When selecting patio lamps, it is possible to get ample lighting without sacrificing an attractive and distinctive exterior. Those who have homes decorated in a traditional style may consider adorning their exterior walls with copper lanterns.

Find Patio Lamps Inspired by Designs From the French Quarter

Gas and propane lanterns have been used for outdoor lighting for centuries. While they are still popular among those looking for portable lighting sources, they can also be used on patios. Copper lamps and lanterns can be mounted on posts and walls and hung from outdoor coverings. Wall-mounted copper lanterns may be able to provide enough lighting for small patios. For patios that would require powerful lamps, residents may consider purchasing several lanterns and mounting them on posts around the patio. The copper exterior can stand up to the elements while lending a more artistic element to the home than simple electric lamps. Copper lanterns are available in a number of styles, including designs similar to those that can still be found in the New Orleans French Quarter.

At Flambeaux Lighting, our expert craftsmen produce each lantern by hand. We offer a large selection of models that can be used on patios and fueled by a customer’s choice of gas, propane or electricity. To find out more about particular designs, customers are invited to email us or call us at 866-799-8443 today.