Choosing Patio Lanterns

With outdoor gas lanterns, residential and commercial property owners can add an antique touch to their buildings. In the case of an older structure, the antique look may be consistent with the property’s original style. Owners of properties that have been built more recently can use outdoor gas lanterns to make the facades warmer and more welcoming. One easy way lanterns can be used outdoors is by simply attaching them to the side of buildings. Using wall mounts, gas lanterns can be placed alongside entryways or spaced out along a whole wall to keep a pathway or parking lot from being too dark at night. The entryways of buildings that have porticos can take advantage of hanging lanterns that are available in a number of styles.

Types of Lanterns for Decorating Outdoor Patios

Resorts and other venues that have large outdoor spaces may need to light areas that are far away from their main buildings. For example, properties that include extensive gardens may often be used for social gatherings. With lanterns that are mounted on posts, guests can continue to enjoy the beauty of the gardens into the evening hours. These lighting fixtures can also be placed along pathways or at the entrances of driveways.

At Flambeaux Lighting, we craft a number of outdoor copper lanterns by hand. In addition to designing them for use with gas, we can also configure them to be fueled by propane or electricity, letting our customers choose the designs they want with the power source that is most convenient for them. To learn more about the styles we offer, customers can contact our team by email or call us at 866-799-8443.