History Of Flambeaux French Quarter Lantern Gas Street Lights

For centuries, gas lights have been used to illuminate the streets in various parts of the world. This practice lasted into the 20th century, but slowly gave way to electric lighting. While electrical street lighting offers increased convenience, there’s no doubt that it often lacks the charm and character that gas lanterns so effortlessly provide. To this day, some cities and towns continue to use gas street lights to maintain a sense of nostalgia, including New Orleans’ French Quarter, parts of Cincinnati and parts of historic Boston.

Adopt Gas Street Light Designs at Home or Work

While many municipalities have replaced their gas street lights with electrical systems, people looking to add elegance to their homes or workplaces may choose gas copper lanterns. In an age when most lighting fixtures are manufactured in bulk and each piece coming off the line is identical to the one before it, copper lanterns are often crafted by hand. This is done not only out of a sense of tradition, but also because handcrafted lanterns can achieve both beauty and durability that machine-produced pieces cannot. Homeowners may choose to place them adjacent to doors or hang them from ceilings. The lanterns can also be mounted on posts, just like gas street lamps of yesteryear, to light gardens and patios. Resorts and restaurants can also adorn their premises with copper lanterns to evoke the romantic and historic feel of New Orleans’ French Quarter.

At Flambeaux Lighting, our customers will find a large selection of handmade copper lanterns that can be fueled by gas, propane or electricity. To inquire about a particular style, don’t hesitate to send us an email or call us at 866-799-8443.