Hanging Copper Pendant Lights Transform Any Kitchen

Hanging Copper Pendant Lights Transform Any Kitchen

Hanging copper pendant lights are one of our favorite little secrets around here.

We say “little” because these lights are smaller than most of the copper & stainless steel lights we make.

Don’t let their size fool you. They pack a HUGE punch when it comes to changing the look of your space.

The reason? Our pendants bring a splash of copper to your kitchen directly over your stove which is usually the focal point of any kitchen, bar, bathroom, office or outdoor space.

The fun part is that customers often don’t even realize we make them. They call in to order one of our regular lanterns and when we suggest a set of pendants to complete the order – it’s a “no-brainer”.

It’s Pendant Season!

Right now many people are thinking about renovating their kitchen spaces. We can’t think of a better way to completely transform a kitchen than with these hanging copper pendant lights.

Pendants are not just for indoor kitchens. They look great on outdoor kitchens too! And don’t worry, copper can stand up to any outdoor environment.

You can even add one to your favorite bathroom to hang over the sink for a unique look & feel.

Our Small Bell & Large Bell pendants have been around for years. You can also check out our new pendants that we’ve been making & recently added to our website catalog.

Customize to Fit Your Needs

Did you know that our hanging pendant lights can be customized to fit ANY size room or ceiling?

That’s right!

Our pendants come with plenty of wiring so they can hang from any height ceiling you have whether that’s a 8’ or 9’ ceiling or a 15’ ceiling. Just cut off the extra wiring!

As with all of our lights, each pendant is made by hand in the USA!

All pendants come in electric power and you can choose from any of our finishes including traditional copper, aged copper, dark oil rubbed & stainless steel.