Hand-Made Copper Lanterns

Handmade copper lanterns can add a warm and distinctive decorative touch to many homes and businesses. While electrical lighting may be more efficient, the light from incandescent bulbs often does little to contribute to ambience. Many homeowners prefer the antique appearance offered by copper lanterns and other styles of gas lamps to the electrical lighting systems that are commonly available. These antique fixtures can transform a space and may be the perfect touches for a property that is frequently used for entertaining

Copper Lanterns for Businesses

In addition to adding charm to homes, handmade copper lanterns can also enhance the atmosphere for different types of businesses. For example, venues that hold outdoor events can set themselves apart with the classic style offered by gas lamps. These lighting fixtures are also popular with restaurants and bars that have outdoor patios. While some may make use of floor-standing gas lamps, such as those fueled by liquid propane, these don’t add much beauty to the space. Copper lanterns can be permanently installed outdoors and are available in a number of elegant designs. The expert craftsmanship with which handmade copper lanterns are built can provide years of reliable service and reflect the attention to detail the venue puts into its offerings

At Flambeaux Lighting, our customers will find a large selection of handmade gas lanterns that are reminiscent of the iconic fixtures in the New Orleans’ Flambeaux French Quarter Lantern. Homeowners and business managers who would like to learn more about the different styles we craft by hand can contact us via email or call us at 866-799-8443.