Flambeaux French Quarter Gas Lanterns

Gas Lanterns with Timeless Appeal

  1. Flambeaux French Quarter: The Flambeaux French Quarter lantern is considered the “original” gas lantern of this style. It has four sides, creating a simple yet elegant look that also gives off a great deal of light.
  2. Six-Sided: A different take on the original Flambeaux French Quarter gas lanterns, these lanterns have two additional sides to create a hexagonal formation of six sides. Like the original Flambeaux French Quarter design, these can be hung from a yoke, attached to a wall, or mounted on a post.
  3. Post-Mount: A post mount is a type of gas lantern that can be mounted on a freestanding post or column. This description can apply to any style of lantern, but refers to the mounting on the bottom that allows for a stable positioning on a smaller base.
  4. Bracket Mount: Bracket mounts, like post mounts, refer to the way the lantern is fitted to be mounted. Bracket mounted lanterns are affixed to the side of a vertical wall, such as an indoor kitchen wall or an exterior garage wall.
  5. Hanging Lantern: The final option for gas lantern placement is hanging the lantern, rather than mounting it on a post or bracketing it to a wall. These hanging lanterns can be suspending from ceilings or over doorways, giving them a different versatility than the other two placement options.