Antique Copper Gas Lanterns

If you are selecting antique-looking lanterns for your home and yard, you first must make a decision between the more authentic gas option and its electric counterpart. In New Orleans, you are more apt to see copper gas lanterns because they much truer to the city’s origin and style. And, while electric lanterns are just as luminous, they tend to be just a little more utilitarian rather than ambient. unlike gas-powered vintage lanterns.

Antique copper gas lanterns are usually preferred simply for their beauty. The 19th century aesthetic is calming, traditional, and elegant. These outdoor lanterns also give more than a hint of New Orleans to your outdoor home decor. Passersby and houseguests will gladly bask in the pleasant glow created by the flames of your stunning copper gas lanterns, which tend to be far less harsh than the more common electric bulbs, which are also known for their blinding glare at night.

But, antique copper gas lanterns are not only gorgeous, they are also durable options for outdoor lighting in an area that can get hit with some pretty powerful storms without warning. Just the fact that they are not dependent on electricity means that they will stay lit during power outages and will also be able to function without extraneous amounts of tedious electrical wiring.

Copper gas lanterns also require much less maintenance than electric lanterns, since they will never need interim bulb changing. They will continue to burn as long as there is a fair amount of natural gas or propane.

Finally, if you enjoy pool parties and family barbecues in the summer, gas lanterns are the way to go. The softer lighting certainly doesn’t draw mosquitoes, bees, and other pesky insects like electric lanterns do.

Copper Lanterns With a Rich Patina

At Flambeaux Lighting, we always provide indoor and outdoor gas copper lanterns in a large plethora of styles. We are known for our quality craftsmanship, since we don’t just sell other manufacturers’ products – we design and create our whole inventory from scratch. We are committed to the long-time traditions of New Orleans, but also to innovating and building on older ideas to create even better gas lanterns in the future. While our designs are inspired by the iconic French Quarter, we are always looking forward by employing the best technology to our antique copper gas lanterns.

The charm, sophistication, and character of these antique lanterns will add the atmosphere of the Crescent City to your home, office, or business. Remember, these copper antique lights are the traditional prototypes when it comes to outdoor lanterns. That said, the best thing about antique copper gas lanterns is that they provide just the right amount of outdoor lighting, while, at the same time, they add so much class and polish to what would be just another ordinary outdoor space.

Don’t let the delicate styles fool you, however. These copper lanterns are designed with top of the line copper that is hardy, strong, and will last many seasons without rusting. However, our antique gas lanterns remain dainty, dignified, and distinguished. They can be placed anywhere around your yard, including on your front porch, along the patio, or by the pool, and even coordinate with another Crescent City classic, the wrought iron fence. They will illuminate the area with grace and ease.

That said, did you know that antique copper lanterns are not just made to light the outside? There are actually antique copper gas lanterns that are designed in a manner to be used indoors. Of course, those meant for inside use only contain clean burning gases. And, while you may be thinking of the lovely indoor gas lanterns that are displayed in hotel lobbies and the dining rooms of fancy restaurants, there are also models created for regular in-home use. These types can be placed in kitchens for ambient dinners with a loved one or in study areas for soft light for reading during the later hours. These indoor models can be placed around the house to provide it with a unique, urbane theme. Gas lanterns make great non-electric table lamps, often as an alternative to oil lamps, oil lanterns, and candle lanterns.

Flambeaux Lighting is committed to the fine artistry of antique copper gas lanterns. We provide businesses, offices, and homeowners with a truly mystical feel when we create the perfect light fixture to bring out the beauty of any exterior or interior. Our hand-crafted antique copper lanterns are both efficient and charming, and their nostalgic glow brings us back to a different time – a time when our city first blossomed.

Styles of Antique Copper Gas Lanterns

Do you have a particular style that you are looking for to coordinate with your home or business? If you have a particular solid copper design in mind, provide us with a photo to describe your chosen gas lantern, or to give us inspiration, so we can recommend one of our unique creations for you.

Whether you prefer modern style lanterns for your home or business, or classic types that are designed to pay homage to the Big Easy’s fantastic legacy, at Flambeaux, you will find a large variety of vintage copper gas lanterns to chose from. Our finely-crafted gas lanterns are a tribute to the historic buildings that grace the streets of the French Quarter and nearby neighborhoods, but they look just as lovely when used in and around newer, more modern homes. If you are unsure of which type of antique copper lantern works best with the décor of your home, business, or yard, let us know and we will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Regardless of your personal design scheme, originals like the Lakeview or Lafitte models fit with the look of today’s contemporary homes and businesses. Conversely, other copper gas lanterns, such as the Kensington, look fabulous as part of an older, more traditional motif. These styles certainly take their inspiration from our city. After all, Flambeaux are even twirled skillfully in local Mardi Gras parades.

We strive to craft all of our vintage copper and antique brass lanterns with the finest quality materials. Each lantern begins with raw metal that is riveted together by hand around clear glass panels. Our antique copper lanterns are then oxidized to age the appearance of the copper another fifteen or twenty years. We invest a lot of attention into each custom copper gas lantern that we create and sell. You can be sure that you are receiving a true piece of quality handiwork when you purchase an antique copper gas lantern from us.

Working With You to Find the Perfect Antique Lantern

When you decide that you want to install gas outdoor lighting using electric or gas lanterns, you need to plan where you want to hang or post each lantern within the landscape. With your input, and a little imagination, we can help you choose the perfect lanterns to spice up your space. We just need to assess your needs and navigate your taste to find the which antique copper lanterns or antique brass lanterns will work best for you. For example, you may want a hanging lantern, or for a wall light, you may want to install a wall lantern using a wall mount.

Next, you will need to assess your available utilities and how feasible it would be to install your preferred lighting. For example, if want to install a lamp post, but you do not know how to bury the electric wiring where you want to post the lights, then run them to an outlet, you must hire a private contractor or electrician to take care of it for you. That can be terribly inconvenient. Electric lights also cost so much more in the long run.

That is why, as we have already mentioned, the best option is almost always to choose gas. Of course, you will need to determine whether or not you have access to a gas line, so you will need a plumber or gas specialist to assist you with set up. But, using natural gas or propane means a long-burning light for as little as ten dollars per month, depending on the cost of gas near you. So, let the professionals install your gas lanterns for safety’s sake, regardless of cost. The savings you’ll earn from choosing gas-burning lanterns over electric will pay for any work he or she does.

For example, if your utility company charges one cent for each cubic foot of gas, and you were to burn your copper gas lantern twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with a straight flame, you would burn through about 2,016 cubic feet of gas within a month. That means that you would only spend $20.16 per month to run that lantern light. And, this is an extreme example. You should never run a gas lantern continuously. You should always turn it off when it is not in use.

Add Some New Orleans Spice to Your Property

Whether your property is residential or commercial, you can always add a tad of New Orleans flavor to any building by incorporating antique copper gas lanterns from Flambeaux Lighting into your style. Take a look at our online catalog to view our collection of copper gas lanterns for both homes and businesses. Our design experts would be glad to assist you with finding the best gas lanterns for your lighting needs and create that deep Southern ambiance that you crave.

For many years, Flambeaux Lighting has been known around the greater NOLA area for building efficient copper gas lanterns that provide adequate light and stand the test of time. They almost never blow out throughout heavy windfalls and are sustainable enough to handle even the most challenging weather. We only use the purest copper available to us in order to construct our gas lanterns with a stylish flair that is also long-lasting. The heavy-duty material also gains a gorgeous patina as it ages, resembling an antique copper finish.

The precise worksmanship that goes into every antique copper gas lantern means that you are purchasing a product that will last for many years. These are items that are not only treasured, but have been known to be handed down over generations. Consider purchasing a Flambeaux Lighting lantern as an investment into what may become a family heirloom someday.

An antique copper or solid brass gas lantern is a stunning replica of a part of the history of our area. Flambeaux Lighting ensures that every single one is built of the highest quality and that each will last for years to come. We want your lanterns to become a treasured part of the landscaping surrounding your home or business.

If you would like ask us about the particular styles which we create by hand, please drop us an email or give us a call at 866-799-8443. Or, you can browse our selection online and checkout using your credit card. You will be sure to get what you need at Flambeaux Lighting. We guarantee it, or, as it states in our return policy, we will make it right for you or refund your payment.