Exterior Copper Lighting Fixtures

Exterior copper lighting fixtures can be a staple of your home decor.  It can be your home’s most important feature. It serves multiple purposes. Beauty, security, and functionality. Here at Flambeaux, we believe in not just selling another copper outdoor light that other people build. We build our gas lanterns and lights by hand right in our shop. We use professional craftsmen who have years of experience creating these solid copper works of art.

The tradition of flambeaux is true Louisiana creations and Louisiana has a grand tradition of changing and adapting things to make them unique and truly their own and the flambeaux is no different. You can see why our Old New Orleans Lantern is so popular here.

exterior copper lanterns

Working With Our Trade Partners

We work closely with our qualified, professional trade partners around the world including, but not limited to designer professionals, architects, and home builders.

Accessibility to our unique and beautiful hand-crafted outdoor lights is our goal when working with our trade partners. Our trade partners use our designs to customize orders so that the exterior lights chosen are the perfect fit for each project ensuring that the end client is completely satisfied.

If you are interested in becoming a trade partner you can find out more information here.

How Copper Improves The Look Of The Exterior Of Your Home.

Looking for new ways to illuminate your outdoor space and give it some ambiance? Our outdoor wall lighting products are sure to spark creative inspiration as we help you decide what works best for your space. A Copper finish and stainless steel lighting can improve the look of your exterior walls with beautiful timeless colors. If you find yourself in love with the look of copper light fixtures, the best place to start is to consider which copper lighting fixture will serve a practical place outside your home. Then you can move on to aesthetics and finishes to narrow down your choices afterward.

23 Bourbon St standard bracket copper exterior lighting fixture  Rosemary double scroll copper lighting fixturesRosemary double scroll copper lighting fixtures

Choosing A Finish For Your Exterior Lights

There are a lot of finishes to choose from. Standard Copper Oxidation, Standard Aged Copper Finish, Raw Copper, Non-Oxidized Finish, Dark Copper Oxidized Finish, our Stainless Steel Finish.

Our clients love the antique copper and the weathered look of our outdoor light fixtures because the copper oxidation process, over time, will change color. With all of our copper oxidation finishes, you can expect the natural patina aging process to take place. This process protects and preserves the copper and adds to its durability through the years.

Choosing a finish depends on your style preference for your home or business as well as how you’d like to see the fixture age over time.

When making a selection, it’s also a good idea to consider the climate in your environment and how it might contribute to a faster or slower oxidation aging process of your lighting fixture.

The weather where your home is located contributes to your finish options as well. For example, stainless steel is great for coastal areas with a more modern. Thermocouples are great for windy areas.

Bourbon st column mount copper exterior lighting fixtures 21 Bourbon st column post mount copper exterior lighting fixture

Types Of Exterior Lighting

Exterior lights will light up a dark sky. There are many places to put exterior lights around your home. Types of exterior lights are led outdoor lights, light outdoor wall lanterns, copper outdoor wall lights, landscape lighting, and bronze outdoor wall lights to name a few. Whether you need exterior lights for your front or back entrance, your garden or walkways, your backyard, or lighting at the front entrance of your driveway, we have lighting for any area you want to light. Even if you only need one light, you will find that it will give your home such beauty you may want more.

Our lanterns come in different types. There is a wall-mount and a flush mount. At first, they may seem like the same same thing but they are different. A flush mount means it mounts directly flush to the wall with no back. A wall mount means it attaches to the wall, usually with a bracket. If you choose to use a wall mount light, one popular bracket style is a gooseneck bracket.

Most options can also be handcrafted using durable stainless steel. Wondering about power options? You can customize your lights by choosing the ideal power option for your space’s needs. These include classic natural gas flame lighting, propane-powered lighting, and electric-powered light bulbs.

If you choose to go with electric lights you will be able to pick what kind of lightbulb you want.  Homeowners that opt for light bulbs really enjoy the dimmable functionality the electric light bulb offers.

Bourbon st posts close up copper exterior lighting fixtures Bourbon st posts copper exterior lighting fixtures

New Styles Of Lighting Arrive

New styles of lighting have arrived. The latest and greatest and what is popular right now are:

If you have an idea for a custom lantern or light fixture we can create it for you. Nearly all of our gas and electric lanterns and other products can be customized for exterior use at your home or business.

Need Help Choosing Your Exterior Lighting Reach Out Anytime!

We don’t just sell New Orleans-style lighting online. We provide guidance every step of the way. We want to help you make the right choice. Feel free to reach out to us anytime as you shop for all our lights.

Browse our full product catalog and find your favorites! If you need help or are looking to customize the lighting for your home or business, please don’t hesitate to email us at sales@flambeauxlighting.com or give us a call at 1-866-799-8443.

You can also visit our Metairie showroom located at 614 N. Causeway Blvd. to see our creations in person and speak with a designer.


Call us Flambeaux lighting and one of our design professionals will help you find the right copper outdoor wall lights for all your custom needs.

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