Designing Outdoor Landscape Lighting

With outdoor landscape lighting, homeowners and businesses can draw attention to attractive features of their properties and create interesting public and private spaces. A common location for outdoor lighting is the entryway, but a series of lanterns lining a walkway from the driveway to the house is also a popular option. Outdoor lighting can also be used to draw attention to landscaping that has been done on the property. Gas lanterns can be placed near ponds and throughout gardens. These not only offer enough lighting that attractive outdoor landscaping can be seen in the evening hours, but the fixtures themselves can also serve as accents during the daytime. With both antique and modern styles of gas lanterns available, residential and commercial property owners can select designs that match the architectural styles of their properties.

Highlighting Outdoor Landscaping With Lighting Fixtures

Many decorators opt for the elegance of copper gas lanterns. Craftsmen continue to make them by hand today, ensuring that these beautiful pieces will last for years to come. Among the ways that they can be displayed to highlight outdoor landscaping are:

  • By mounting them on walls above flower beds
  • By placing them on posts in gardens or near bodies of water
  • By hanging lanterns from permanent structures

At Flambeaux Lighting, customers will find a large selection of copper gas lanterns that can be used to accent outdoor landscaping as well as to provide general lighting. To learn more about the inspiration for the pieces we offer, you can reach our staff by email or call us at 866-799-8443.