Make The Season Bright

Winter always brings short days and cold nights–cozy for when you want to stay inside, yes, but what does that mean for a beautifully landscaped yard? Even someone who’s utterly in love with their landscaping has occasionally looked outside during those cold winter months and thought “What a waste!” In a way, they’re right–what’s the point of a gorgeous backyard space if you can’t enjoy it three months (or more!) out of the year?

But what if there was another way to make your yard beautiful, even when the plants are dozing, and it’s too cold for an evening drink on the porch? That’s where lights come in.

Now, we’re not talking about Christmas lights you can pick up from your local store. Sure, those are fun, but then New Year’s comes and the lights come down, and you’ve still got at LEAST two months of winter left. Instead, we’re talking about statement lighting: sconces, lanterns, and more that will turn your yard into a well-lit wonderland that will delight you year-round–so much that you might even brave the cold with a warm drink in hand just to enjoy it.

Here are a few of our suggestions for the sort of lights that will really up the wow factor of your space year-round. Bear in mind, you’ll likely have to call an electrician to make these a reality, but trust us–it will be SO worth it.

Porch Light

Make your front door even more inviting with a custom porch light. Not only will it provide some much-needed light during the long winter nights, but it’s the perfect way to show your personality to anyone who passes your door. One of our Bourbon Street Lanterns will definitely add a bit of original flair to your porch, and it’ll serve as a cheery “welcome home” after a long evening of gift shopping or a round of holiday parties.

Path Lighting

For a more subtle statement, you can’t go wrong with path lights. Not only does it make the journey up to a porch or through the backyard safer in the dark, but it can be an elegant addition to the overall look of an outdoor space. Small path lights can bring a subtle bit of style to your home, but you can really step up your path lighting game by going a little bigger. Bollards make for a modern, sleek look, while post lamps give the refined whimsy of walking down historic streets. 

Lights As Decor 

Making the most of utility AND style, your outdoor lighting could actually be the star of the show! Rather than just relying on floodlights or plain outdoor lighting to highlight your landscaping, using an actual light fixture that’s unique and eye-catching will elevate your yard. Consider, for example, hanging lights in a gazebo, decorative wall lights along your garden wall, or even a full-size lamp-post to serve as a centerpiece.

There’s so much that can be done with lighting, and a hand-crafted, gas-powered lamp is sure to be a showstopper in any yard. Take a look at what we offer in exterior lighting, and find the lamps that will make your yard the place to be year-round, no matter how early the sun goes down.