Choosing the Perfect Lighting Doesn’t Have to Feel Overwhelming

We get it. Imagining your home glowing in the perfect light can seem like a daunting task. With so many lighting styles and fixtures to choose from, where do you even start?

That’s exactly how it felt when a client came to us, struggling to figure out how to make her dream of a well-lit home happen in the face of endless lighting options.

She wanted something that reflected her style and vision for her space – a challenge she found pretty daunting on her own.

Getting Help Making Important Choices

Recognizing her situation, we welcomed her into the Flambeaux Lighting Showroom, where one of our lighting design professionals listened to her needs, helped evaluate her space, and guided her to several recommendations.

We explored our range of products and top brands together, making sure every option aligned with her unique taste.

We discussed choices, preferences, and budgets in detail, aiming to turn a daunting task into an exciting journey toward her dream home.

Another Happy Ending

The result? The client told us she felt like she finally had the look and feel she had always imagined.

The change wasn’t just about lighting but about transforming our client’s journey from frustration to fulfillment.

We do more than light up spaces; we illuminate dreams.

If you’re on a quest for the perfect lighting, let us guide you. Reach out today, and together, we’ll craft a space that mirrors your unique style and vision.

Say Hello to Our Brand New Line-Up of Eye-Catching Lanterns for Your Home!

Say Hello to Our Brand New Line-Up of Eye-Catching Lanterns for Your Home!

Say Hello to Our Brand New Line-Up of Eye-Catching Lanterns for Your Home!

As the summer of 2020 rolls to a close, we’ve been busier than ever adding a new line-up of eye-catching artisan lanterns to our collection. Like all of our handcrafted gas and electric lanterns, each new model has a unique look that adds that special flair you’re going for to your interior or exterior decor.

They’re also all available in a variety of finishes, power options, and sizes to match your needs.

So if you’ve been dreaming of switching up your light fixtures, now is the perfect time! Browse these picks below and find your favorite.

Our New Lanterns Transport You (and Your Home or Business) Around the World!

Our latest gas and electric lantern models truly transport you around the world, from the streets of the French Quarter to Marrakech!

New French Quarter-Style Lanterns

For NOLA-lovers (and aren’t we all?), our new Treme Hanging Yoke Lantern, new Bourbon St. Yoke Lantern featuring Ladder Racks and Balls, and the new Audubon Flush Mount Lantern infuse a signature French Quarter style to entry ways, outdoor patios, breezeways, and dining rooms. 

New Colonial-Inspired Lanterns

Looking to bring a bit of a colonial Americana touch to your space? New lanterns in our ultra-popular Colonial Series, including the Colonial Yoke Lantern with Crossbars and the Colonial Hanging Yoke Lantern, feature the traditional neutral copper and brass tones of the Chesapeake region.

New models in the Jamestowne Series are inspired by the architecture of Jamestown, Rhode Island, the first permanent settlement in America. Both the Jamestowne Flush Mount Lantern and the Jamestowne Hanging Yolk Lantern feature minimalist lines that capture the simplicity of colonial times and serve as eye-catching accent pieces around doors and on walls.

The new Carriage House Yoke Lantern draws inspiration from the British influences of coastal and traditional farm designs in New England. These lanterns make for great accent pieces for side doors with shorter landscapes or as a unifying focal point in larger areas. 

Seaside Chic Lantern Picks 

Longing to jet away to the islands? Create a seaside oasis at home with the new Bahama Hanging Yoke Lantern and new Seaside Lanterns, available in column mount, flush mount, and standard bracket styles. These versatile lights are inspired by modern beach villas and clapboard cottages found in Bahamian seaside villages and other oceanside towns. 

Moroccan Lanterns Inspired By the Markets of Marrakech

Our new Moroccan Lanterns, available in standard bracket and hanging chain options, add a touch of eclectic bohemian decor to your indoor or outdoor space. They make for great focal points over a dining table, in the corner of a moroccan-inspired room, or when used to frame an entryway.

Minimalist Metropolitan Looks 

City-lovers are loving our Manhattan Lanterns because of their sleek minimalist designed – they’re designed to look like skyscrapers after all!

The new Metropolitan Lanterns take a page from those elements and take the minimalism flair further. They’re attractively utilitarian while exuding upscale style and look great flush-mounted on an exterior wall or framing windows or doors. 

Ready to Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior or Interior Lighting?

Creating stylish, customizable, and durable lanterns and other products is our passion here at Flambeaux. If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s lighting or the lighting features at your business, we can help. We’re happy to guide you through our catalog and even customize a solution that meets your unique needs. Contact us or give us a call at 1-866-799-8443.

Hanging Copper Pendant Lights Transform Any Kitchen

Hanging Copper Pendant Lights Transform Any Kitchen

Hanging copper pendant lights are one of our favorite little secrets around here.

We say “little” because these lights are smaller than most of the copper & stainless steel lights we make.

Don’t let their size fool you. They pack a HUGE punch when it comes to changing the look of your space.

The reason? Our pendants bring a splash of copper to your kitchen directly over your stove which is usually the focal point of any kitchen, bar, bathroom, office or outdoor space.

The fun part is that customers often don’t even realize we make them. They call in to order one of our regular lanterns and when we suggest a set of pendants to complete the order – it’s a “no-brainer”.

It’s Pendant Season!

Right now many people are thinking about renovating their kitchen spaces. We can’t think of a better way to completely transform a kitchen than with these hanging copper pendant lights.

Pendants are not just for indoor kitchens. They look great on outdoor kitchens too! And don’t worry, copper can stand up to any outdoor environment.

You can even add one to your favorite bathroom to hang over the sink for a unique look & feel.

Our Small Bell & Large Bell pendants have been around for years. You can also check out our new pendants that we’ve been making & recently added to our website catalog.

Customize to Fit Your Needs

Did you know that our hanging pendant lights can be customized to fit ANY size room or ceiling?

That’s right!

Our pendants come with plenty of wiring so they can hang from any height ceiling you have whether that’s a 8’ or 9’ ceiling or a 15’ ceiling. Just cut off the extra wiring!

As with all of our lights, each pendant is made by hand in the USA!

All pendants come in electric power and you can choose from any of our finishes including traditional copper, aged copper, dark oil rubbed & stainless steel.

Custom interior lighting featuring aged patina & custom electric lighting

Custom interior lighting featuring aged patina & custom electric lighting

Building a home from scratch is the ultimate dream. You get to pick EVERY single feature!

Most homeowners find the idea of picking every feature exciting. But if they’re honest, they’ll tell you the process can feel pretty overwhelming at times.

That’s where interior designers come in…

These professionals provide expert guidance on which items will give your home the look that makes it truly “yours”.

Going for the Antique Feel

We recently worked with an interior designer in Nashville who was working on a pretty exciting new construction project.

Her clients liked the look and feel of our copper lanterns, especially their “antique” feel since she was going for a bit of a “classic” look in this new construction project.

But there were a few problems…

Customizing the Look

The first issue was that the traditional copper color didn’t fit the color scheme of their kitchen. She didn’t want natural copper since she already had dark exposed wood beams.

Instead, they were looking for a pop of color. We suggested an artificial patina which allowed them to keep the copper material but sped up the natural patina process resulting in a unique, green hue.

The color was perfect!

Custom interior lighting featuring aged patina & custom electric lighting

Customizing the Design & Lighting

Our clients liked a few of the elements from different lanterns that we make. They asked if we could combine them.

The answer? YES!

We took our England lantern design, but put a custom bracket on top.

Then, we added custom electric lights in the form of multiple electric candles for indoor use.

And finally, we added a special rustic finish to the bracket to complete the look.

Your Vision, Our Craftsmanship

The designer sent us over a sketch of what she was looking for:

Custom interior lighting featuring aged patina & custom electric lighting

Then, we took that drawing and updated it with our specifications.

Custom interior lighting featuring aged patina & custom electric lighting

Once it was approved, the final product was ready.

The clients are super happy, and so are we!

If you’d like to design a custom lantern for yourself or your clients, please get in touch with us today!